Unisynk Magnetic Wireless Charger Qi2 15W 2m - White


Place your phone on the magnetic wireless charger for quick and fuzz free charging. The magnetic surface makes it easy to find the perfect charging position for your phone and enables you to keep using it while still charging. Attach the charger to any magnetic holder* or magnet (use the dual side nano tape for non-magnet surfaces) for constant access to smooth wireless charging in the car, at home or at the office. Compatible with MagSafe enabled devices.


*Wireless charging compatible with all devices following Qi-standard. Magnetic connection to device is compatible with all Magsafe enabled iPhones (12 or later), Qi2 enabled devices, or other devices with a Magsafe enabled or compatible phone case. Use a PD charger with 20W power or more for maximum charging output. Back side magnetically attachable to any legacy magnetic holders (non-Magsafe) or magnets in general.

Connections and performance

1x USB-C connector

Qi2 Wireless Charging

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