Neat Bar 2 - 2nd Generation Bar


Behind its streamlined appearance, the newly refined Neat Bar incorporates a well-crafted arrangement of microphones, speakers, a camera, sensors, a power supply, and processing. It reliably handles all your meeting space needs without the complexity or clutter of running cables across the room.

Enjoy intuitive meeting experiences via machine learning algorithms that continuously adjust and adapt to a room's acoustics, noises, and lighting conditions, as well as the number of people in the room, where they are, and what's happening around them

The advanced video processing identifies where people are, logically enlarges them and places them relative to each other so they're seen in natural proportion regardless of the camera angle. An ambient light sensor and automatic color adjustment ensure natural tones.

With a 5-microphone end-fire array, four voice localization tracking mics, and advanced audio processing algorithms for voice enhancement, echo cancellation, deep noise suppression and dereverberation, people's voices will be heard clearly and understandably.

You'll get the perfect balance between reducing unwanted noise and preserving spatial cues and intelligible speech, resulting in more fluid conversations without interruption.

Listen to what others say like never before on video with a voice-optimized sound system. Dual speakers with opposing drivers cancel vibration, maximize tonal range, and deliver minimal distortion so that you hear people's voices as naturally as possible.

Pick up on crucial non-verbal communication. The wide-angle, highly dynamic 50MP camera captures your entire meeting space and can zoom in on, frame and follow multiple people simultaneously.

Four voice-tracking mics and lightning-fast video processing ensure efficient dynamic shifting between a focused view of active people and a group overview, allowing you to follow the flow of the conversation

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